Bossa Flor Music label

One of the objectives of ASBL Bossa Flor is the production and dissemination of albums, images and films. To do this, the ASBL has the legal bases for the constitution of a label which thus led to the creation of the Bossa Flor Music label, intended for the development of audio and / or studio recordings. audiovisuals for the production of CDs (or vinyls) and / or DVDs (or digital media) for non-commercial purposes. The label is open in priority to adherent members of the ASBL who require support for the production of audiovisual supports in musical styles which cover French song, Brazilian music and jazz. The association has a network of contacts with recording studios, sound engineers (mixing, mastering) and experience in production. The label does not distribute the albums, EP or DVDs produced but promotes releases through concerts and in social networks.

Album du Sextet Bossa Flor "Rencontres en Bossa - De Jobim à Barouh", avec la participation de Pierre Barouh et Ana Rocha (Production Bossa Flor ASBL 2018)

Album du ROSA Quartet "Chorando Sim" (Production ROSA 2019)

EP 4 titres du Sextet Bossa Flor "Feminino", avec la participation d'Ana Rocha et Amalia Baraona (Production Bossa Flor ASBL 2019)

Bruxelles - Belgique

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